Thursday, ডিসেম্বর ৭, ২০২৩

স্পেনে ফের লকডাউন, এবার কাতালুনিয়ার সেগরিয়া শহর!

Europe Bangla Desk: About two lakh people are locked down in the city of Segaria in Catalonia, Spain. Authorities said residents in the area were told that no one would be able to leave the area after 12 noon today, and that those who were outside would be able to enter by 4 pm if they wanted to.

It is known that the virus spread from the workers of a local agriculture. The number of people infected in the Segaria area on Friday was 3,608, up from 3,551 the previous day.

Catalonia’s regional president, Kim Toura, told the news agency that “we have been forced to lock down because of so many infections in one day.”

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Spain is one of the countries in Europe that has been severely infected with the corona virus. So far, the total number of infected people is about two hundred and six thousand and the number of deaths is about twenty-five thousand.

Meanwhile, the city of Leicester in England and the city of Guitarslow in Germany are in full lockdown. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the corona virus could lead to more horrific drawings in the second phase.


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